About Vidhaalay

Vidhaalay is the bridge between the parents and the institute which enhances a child's growth. From attendance management to fee payment, Vidhaalay provides all the services needed for a parent to monitor their child and keep a record of his/her growth. providing various features such as smart classes, doubt session etc, Vidhaalay gives the student an ease of access to cover various topics and provide a holistic environment for a successful future. A platform where the faculties, the parents and the students get the best services.
With a complete digital interface, Vidhaalay works on reducing paperwork for the benefit of the environment and reduces time taken to answer any query from the student/parent.


Our Mission

We believe school is a root for a child to grow and succeed. We provide a positive, safe, stimulating and digital environment for children to learn, grow and enjoy. Our motto is to give every child the necessary environment to learn and fulfill their dreams thus, becoming independent life-long learners.

  • Attendance Management
  • Easy To Take Admission
  • Smart Classes
  • School-Parents Transparency
  • Enquiry
  • Save Time And Money

Vidhaalay Services


Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Attendance is the key to make a child learn the importance of discipline and time management. Vital topics can be missed if a child is absent due to an unknown reason. We have a remedy for it - Incentive program, for those who all always present during class.

Easy Way To Admission

Easy To Take Admission

Now-a-days taking admission is easy but choosing the right school is very difficult. To make this process easier, we provide a platform for all parents to see and gauge the best school suited for their child.

Smart Classes

Smart Classes

A smart class for a smart future ~ We make it certain that the students recieves every facility to cover his/her topics without any difficulties. A smart class ensures that every minute detail of a specific topic is dealt with utmost importance. Added with online live classes by Vidhaalay acts as icing on the cake.

School and Partens Communication

School-Parent Transparency

Parents would always want to know how their child is performing in school but due to their busy schedule, they are not able to take time to go and be present during all the meetings and gatherings. We have a portal specially designed for parents for them to get all updates for their child.



An all-in-one platform for parents to communicate with the teachers and vice-versa via call or chat regarding every subject taught in the school. Thus, eliminating the problem of lack of communication.

Save Time And Money

Save Time And Money

With vidhaalay, say bye to the hassle of depositing fees by using time consuming and risky methods. We provide a gateway for the parents to transfer fees online without any hassle and worries.

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